Bedridden terror victim arrested for not appearing in court

Monday, September 26 16:17 Approximately three months ago Arabs attacked several youths who were staying at the Gaon HaYarden outpost near Kochav Ya’akov. One of them, David (full name held upon request), was injured by a rock thrown at his leg and evacuated to a hospital where he underwent an operation. Because his leg injury was diagnosed as an open fracture, he has been confined to bed for several months, during which time his leg has been in a metal brace.
Several days after his injury a deliberation took place at the K’far Saba Magistrate Court regarding a case against him, in which he is charged with entering the Shevut Ami outpost. David, who is confined to bed, was not able to appear in court, and so a habeas-corpus writ was issued against him.
Since then, on several occasions policemen have arrived at his house which is located in one of the northern Shomron communities. After he explained to them that he is unable to leave the house, they left without him.
This morning (Monday), policemen arrived at David’s house, presented the habeas-corpus writ issued by the court, and presented a document from a police doctor authorizing them to bring David to court despite his medical condition. The policemen even arrived in an especially large police vehicle that would accommodate David in his wounded condition. Despite the explanation by David and his family that any trip out of the house entailed a great deal of suffering, the policemen loaded David onto a wheelchair, into the vehicle, and brought him to the K’far Saba courthouse.
At the deliberation the judge waived David’s outstanding three thousand NIS bond as she understood that he had not appeared at the previously scheduled deliberation due to medical reasons. In the end David was released after he signed a personal guarantee and two additional cosigners signed an agreement that he would appear at the next deliberation.
David attempted to explain to the judge that he must remain at home, but despite his plea she ordered that if he does not appear in court for the deliberation, he will be arrested and forced to pay a large bond.
It should be noted that after the deliberation the policemen returned him to his house.
Honenu responded that, “Apparently, when it comes to settlers, ‘human rights’ takes a very low place in the law enforcement system. We hope that the Yehuda and Shomron police and the courts will use their energy and strength for enforcing the law against Arabs – for example the murderers of Asher and Yonatan Palmer, hy”d – and not against Jews who love the land of Israel.”

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