Before Shabbat: Seven arrested hikers released

Saturday night, September 10 21:23 Shortly before Shabbat began the seven hikers who had been arrested Friday morning near the community of Negohot in the Har Hevron region were released. The group was arrested by IDF soldiers on suspicion of entering Area A and after interrogation at the Hevron police station on the suspicion, six of the hikers were released.
An additional hiker, a resident of the Har Hevron region approximately 30 years of age, was brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The police claimed that he hadn’t appeared for deliberations in a case against him being handled by a different court. The detainee claimed in response that he had not received summons for the deliberations. The police requested a remand extension until Sunday, however the court released him to his home, after he signed an obligation to appear at the deliberations.

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