Boaz Albert detained during Succot holiday, update

Thursday, September 26, 2013 (After the close of the Simhat Torah holiday)
It took Yassam (Special Forces) and border police six full hours, out of which four and half were devoted to releasing Albert from his chains and removing him from his home, to detain Boaz Albert on Tuesday September 24.
During those six hours the police rampaged in the area near the gate to Yitzhar, turning over cars, breaking windshields, and placing 1,000 NIS fines on every vehicle in the area, even if it wasn’t interfering with traffic. Additionally the police hit boys and girls, beat mothers and fathers and forced entire families to walk up the steep slope from the main road to the entrance of Yitzhar, which is a hard climb for a strong young man, let alone parents with five young, tired, hungry children.
In the Givat Tekuma neighborhood near Boaz Albert’s home the situation was much worse. The police conducted themselves in the same manner as those at the gate and additionally sprayed pepper spray into the crowd, used a Taser on children aged 11-12 and launched stun grenades in all directions.
As the chaos raged outside, inside Albert’s home soldiers from the Home Front Command operated a mechanized metal saw in an attempt to remove Albert from the chains he had used to attach himself to a device mounted deep into the ground.
After the fuel in the mechanized saw was exhausted and several massive tools had been broken in the course of removing him from the chains Albert was led by police to a police van, escorted by his singing and dancing friends. Albert will be taken to a detention center and later to a court deliberation at which his remand is expected to be extended until the following Friday, October 4.
The security forces were too numerous to be accurately counted and included: huge teams of Yassam and border police, armed from head to toe, dozens of security vehicles blocking up the access road to Yitzhar, regular “blue uniform” police and army and detective forces along with the Home Front Command soldiers summoned from Ramleh especially for Boaz Albert.
Albert sat calmly throughout the entire almost unbelievable procedure. His friends, including the injured, danced, sang and played music outside of his home as other friends – car owners – scoffed at the fines they received and their broken windshields. The message sent to police by the residents of Yitzhar was that of confidence and belief in the justice of their way of life.
Honenu sends a message of admiration and much love to our dear friend Boaz Albert – and to his supportive wife, Irit and their children. We respect Boaz for his willingness to take on the battle against the misuse of administrative orders. Honenu would also like to express appreciation to the crowd of supporters who braved the security forces and were willing to withstand beatings, fines and damage to cars in the struggle for all Jews.
A post-Simhat Torah celebration will be held at 20:30 opposite the detention center at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem in a show of support for Boaz Albert.
Update: The police requested that Albert’s remand be extended for nine days, however Judge Irit Cohen granted only a two-day extension for the purpose of completing the investigation. Three others (among them a 40 year old mother of five with a 6-month old nursing baby), were detained on charges of assaulting policemen in the line of duty and were unconditionally released despite the police request of a three-day remand.

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