Border policeman injured youth at protest today

Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 16:56 Over the past few hours, several demonstrations have been taking place in the Shomron region in protest of the brutal attack near Ariel this morning. Three Jews were murdered and others were injured in the attack. During one of the demonstrations, a border policeman hit a youth in the head with his rifle, injuring him. The youth is being assisted by Honenu Attorney Nati Rom.

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom stated, “Again, as has occurred many times over the past year, the security system has confused friend and foe and turned forces on Jews who came to protest at a non-violent demonstration. It is sad to see the excessive force, including stun grenades, that the Israel Police used on youths protesting an attack. Also, a border policeman a hit 14-year-old youth in the head with his rifle butt. Protesting is a fundamental right in any civilized democracy. I expect the security forces to allow and safeguard protests, not suppress them.”

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