Britain sanctions Moshe Sharbit

Moshe (R) and Harel, Hy”d (L) Sharbit; Photo credit: Free use

Monday, February 12, 2024, 15:49 On February 12, Britain imposed sanctions on Moshe Sharbit, the owner of the Emek Tirtza Farm in the Jordan Valley. Sharbit reacted to the British announcement saying:
“A month and a half ago, my brother Harel Sharbit, Hy”d, who was my partner and companion and lived on the farm in the Jordan Valley with me, fell in battle in Gaza defending the Jewish nation in their land. Our work on the farm encouraged settlement, Zionism, the protection of State lands, and the defense of the eastern border, the Jordan Valley.

“Unfortunately, while we are sacrificing those most dear to us, left-wing activists are slandering the Land of Israel, the nation and its pioneers. These activists work outside of Israel against settlement in Israel and against the People of Israel. Not only does Jewish settlement disturb left-wing activists and Britain, but so do IDF operations in the Gaza Strip and the Yehuda and Shomron regions. Persecuting Jews with restrictions and international orders is the new antisemitism. We will continue our efforts, our good works, and the way of Harel, Hy”d, a hero. The People of Israel will be victorious!”

Honenu, who is representing Sharbit and other Israeli citizens who have been placed under sanctions, issued a statement: “For thousands of years, Israel, and in particular patriotic and authentic Jewish endeavors, have been under attack by various antisemitic organizations and countries. We expect the government of Israel to faithfully represent its citizens and to take a strong stand against the reckless orders from world leaders, some of whom are considered ‘friends’ of the State of Israel. It is obvious to us all that the orders are designed to crush settlement activity and the nationalistic spirit that is currently awakening in the Land of Israel.”

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