“Circling the Gates” detainees unconditionally released

Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 17:45 The four girls who were detained two days previously as they prayed at the gates to the Temple Mount were released from remand on Wednesday, June 27. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court canceled the restrictive conditions set on Tuesday.
The girls could have been released several hours after their detention, immediately after interrogation, however they refused to sign on conditions distancing them from the Old City of Jerusalem and remained in remand as a sign of protest. They spent a second night in remand after refusing the conditions set by the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.
The girls explained that they refused the release conditions because they had been falsely detained only because of their being Jewish. The girls stated that they had prayed at the gates to the Temple Mount where prayer is permitted and that they had not disturbed anyone.
Honenu notes that the group was detained at a site at which the courts have ruled in several decisions that freedom of movement and freedom of religious expression of Jews praying are not restricted.
After two nights in remand the girls were released at a Jerusalem Magistrate Court deliberation on Wednesday, June 27. The court canceled the restrictive conditions it had set the previous day.
Honenu Attorney Moshe Poleski represented the girls in court.

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