Clashes and detentions in Ramat Migron

Monday, March 11, 16:48 On the afternoon of Monday, March 11 three youths, two female and one male, were detained in the Ramat Migron outpost, Honenu reports.
Arabs from a nearby village entered the area of the outpost in order to plow land. Clashes broke out between them and residents of the outpost who considered the presence of Arabs on the site to be a security risk. Following the clashes the three youths were detained on suspicion of injuring the Arabs.
The three detainees were taken to the Sha’ar Binyamin Police Station and interrogated. A Honenu attorney is handling the case. Two additional youths were later detained in Ramat Migron.
According to eye-witnesses the police are conducting themselves very violently with the Jews in Ramat Migron. One of the detainees who had recorded the violence with his cell phone was beaten by policemen who erased the video clips from his phone.

Update: The Arabs were accompanied by left-wing activists.

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