Court extended remand on three youths detained in Binyamin

Monday, October 3, 2011, 16:37 On the afternoon of Monday, October 3, Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Gad Ehrenberg extended the remand of the three youths detained in the Shiloh Bloc on suspicion of plotting to commit a crime. Their remand has been extended until Wednesday, when the police are expected to indict them.
During the deliberation Honenu Attorney Itzik Bam demanded that the police representative reveal what the “burglary tools” found in the suspicious vehicle are. After several attempts to avoid answering, the police investigator replied that the item is an adjustable wrench, but immediately added that other tools which he cannot specify were also in the vehicle.
Honenu Attorney Itzik Bam, who is representing the three, responded to the remand and said that “I have a feeling that the announcement of the detention is meant to satisfy the Prime Minister and the political leadership who want detentions at any price, even though they were detained before the mosque was set on fire. The crux of the matter is that three people were delayed on site, one suspect was released on site and detained four days later. If there is evidence in the case and the police released the suspect on site, then they are not the Israeli Police but rather the Chelm Police.” Bam added that “according to the police claim in the court transcript, the suspects were detained approximately one hundred meters from the car involved, which indicates weak evidence against them. We stress that the detainees are minors with no criminal records whose rights have been violated during their remand.”

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