Court orders release of minor

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 18:29 On Wednesday, October 24, Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Sharon Lari-Bavli ordered the release of the minor, Avraham Tzvi Rabin, who was detained the previous day near the residence of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. The minor was released under the same conditions as those of the administrative order, house arrest at night, with no additional conditions, and was not required to sign on bail.
After informing the GOC of the Central Command that he had transferred the address at which he would fulfill his house arrest order from his parents’ home to a tent on the street on which Minister Shaked resides in Tel Aviv, the minor arrived at the address and was detained by the police. As the minor was being detained, Minister Shaked returned home and the minor called out to her to cancel the administrative orders.
The minor’s current administrative order, the tenth within 18 months, obligates him to house arrest at night and requires him to report to the police station in Jerusalem every day. He transferred the address of the house arrest due to the disturbance repeatedly caused to his family when policemen woke everyone up in the middle of the night in the course of verifying that he was fulfilling his house arrest order.
Honenu Attorney David HaLevi, who represented the minor at the deliberation: “From the start there was no cause to detain my client. My client acted out of desperation and as an act of protest against the conduct of the authorities against him. It is inconceivable to me how security officials allow themselves to leave my client under administrative orders for such a long period of time without oversight and proper review, in a manner which irrevocably harms his chances of success in integrating as a productive member of society.”

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