Court refused complete Yehuda and Shomron ban for Shevut Ami detainees

Sunday, September 11 13:40 Three out of the four youths arrested in Shevut Ami over Shabbat were brought this morning to the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court. The police requested that the court ban the three, who are suspected of violating a closed military zone, from all areas of Yehuda and Shomron for 30 days, and require them to post a 1,000 NIS bond.
Honenu attorney Elad Roth, who represented the detainees, objected to the demands of the police and requested that the court unconditionally release them. Judge Oshrit Rothkopf rejected the police request and released the three, banning them only from the areas classified closed military zones.
Honenu attorney Elad Roth, who represented the detainees, responded to the decision and said that, “I welcome the decision of the court. I am happy that the court accepted our position and released the detainees, effectively unconditionally.”
To reiterate, the four youths were arrested over Shabbat in the Shevut Ami outpost near Kedumim. The four were transported to the police station in Ariel in violation of Shabbat. After investigation one of the four youths was released at the police station and the other three were brought to the Petah Tikva Magistrate Court this morning.

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