Court releases Yehuda and Shomron residents detained near Ateret

Honenu Atty. HaLevi; Photo credit: Honenu

Monday, June 26, 2023, 17:31 Despite a request by the police for a five-day remand extension, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court conditionally released three Yehuda and Shomron residents who were detained yesterday (Sunday) on suspicion of damaging Arab property in Umm Tzafa on Shabbat following disturbances by residents of the village targeting Jewish residents of the area. Ateret, one of the Jewish communities located near the Arab village of Umm Tzafa, was placed under lockdown by the IDF, the Israel Police, and the GSS last Saturday night, immediately at the close of Shabbat.

In his decision, Judge Tzion Saharay wrote, “The respondents were detained without a warrant, although the evidence on which the remand extension was based was already in the hands of the police on Shabbat. … Examination of the evidence indicates that there is no reasonable suspicion that justifies the continued remand of the respondents.”

Honenu Attorney David HaLevi, who represented the detainees, stated, “This detention was disgraceful, unnecessary, unfounded, and carried out without a warrant. Three normative young men who had not done anything wrong were detained. Upon receiving the evidence, the court pointed out that it was insufficient to charge the detainees and ordered their immediate release. This incident illustrates the intolerable ease with which the law enforcement authorities carry out false detentions.”

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