Despite evidence, assault suspects not yet detained

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher; Photo credit: Honenu

Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 19:16 On behalf of a minor whom he is representing, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher wrote a letter to the investigative department at the Ohz Police Station demanding that they detain the Arabs working as deliverymen for the Shufersal supermarket in order to investigate which one of them assaulted his client.
The letter describes the unfolding of the incident as follows: “On 22/12/2020, my client was assaulted in Jerusalem by an Arab who works as a deliveryman for Shufersal-Deal. My client was walking with a friend on a street near his home. At the time, two delivery vehicles from Shufersal-Deal were stopped on the street. There were about five Arabs in the vehicles delivering orders. Suddenly my client heard one of the Arabs shout something at his friend.”
Immediately thereafter, the minor noticed the suspect running towards him on the sidewalk: “The suspect approached my client, hit him in the chest, and continued running. There was no cause other than my client being a Jew. My client returned home in shock and told his parents what had happened.”
The minor’s father obtained recordings from the neighbors’ security cameras. In his letter Bleicher noted that “on the edge of the frame, the assault is visible. Likewise, a youth who heard the shouts came out and photographed the vehicles of the suspect and his friends. My client went with his father to complain at your station and transferred to you the photos that he had obtained.”
Bleicher wrote that this was a serious antisemitic assault and demanded that the police use “a firm hand to eradicate this phenomenon. I request that you make every effort to bring the suspect and his friends to justice. Because this was a nationalistically motivated assault, without any provocation, one may surmise that this was not the only assault with which the suspects have been involved.”
In conclusion, Bleicher emphasized the urgency of the investigation: “Because the suspect and his friends work as deliverymen for Shufersal and they have easy access to homes, the importance of the investigation is greatly increased, as is the detention of the suspect and his friends. I request that you update the undersigned soon regarding the detention of suspects and the transfer of the case to the office of the Attorney General.”

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