Destruction of memorial for Rina Shnerb, Hy”d, police brutality reported

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 19:23 At the time of this posting, border police and Civil Administration forces are destroying a look-out point and a pergola that were built two days ago just outside of Ma’aleh Levona in memory of Rina Shnerb, Hy”d. Ten people have been detained, among them minors, and eyewitnesses are reporting police brutality. A minor was roughly handcuffed, and there is a substantial concern that her arm was broken. Medics who arrived on the scene were distanced from the site by the forces and not permitted to treat the injured.

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom: “This is a serious incident of unacceptable violence towards minors. A 14-year-old girl screaming because her arm hurts must not be denied medical treatment. This is an absolute disgrace and a display of unconscionable callousness.”

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