Detained Shomron resident suspected of violating administrative order released

Thursday, February 11, 2016, 18:57 The Jerusalem Magistrate Court unconditionally released the Shomron resident who was detained on Wednesday, February 10 on suspicion of violating an administrative order. Honenu Attorney David HaLevi: “The demand was meant to reeducate my client.”
On Thursday, February 11 the Jerusalem Magistrate Court unconditionally released the Shomron resident detained the previous day in Kiryat Arba on suspicion of having violated the administrative order which restricts him to staying in Kiryat Arba. No evidence was presented before serving him with the order and he was not brought to trial.
The Shomron resident, who is married, in his 20’s and has children, was detained on the morning of Wednesday, February 10 on suspicion of having violated the order which stipulates that he sleep at a particular address in Kiryat Arba several times. During his interrogation he presented evidence and documentation of phone conversations and also email messages in which he informed the headquarters of the Major-General and the police where he was sleeping that night, as the order instructs. Despite that, after his interrogation the police decided to leave him in remand overnight and bring him to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court the following morning to extend his remand.
At the deliberation on Thursday the police representative, Warrant Officer Avshalom Tasa, demanded that the remand be extended by five days and mentioned that the remand was necessary because the detainee poses a danger to the public.
Judge Hagit Mak-Kalmanovitch rejected the police demand and ordered the unconditional release and cast doubt upon the legitimacy of the remand, “I am dubious of the legitimacy of the demand to detain the defendant in order to teach him to fulfill the order in the future,” wrote Judge Hagit Mak-Kalmanovitch in her decision.
Honenu Attorney David HaLevi, who represented the detainee, “The decision to unconditionally release my client speaks for itself. The court also drew criticism on the legitimacy of the demand which was meant to ‘reeducate my client’ and clarify to him what  is expected from him.”
On Wednesday, Honenu Attorney Menasheh Yado had already filed an urgent request with the Jerusalem Magistrate Court demanding the release of the detainee. The request was rejected for procedural reasons.

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