Detained Yitzhar couple allowed to meet with attorney, wife released

חננו 552

Detainee meeting with attorney Ben-Gvir

Friday, May 2, 12:42 On Wednesday, April 30 two couples from Yitzhar were detained due to the fact that their cars are similar to the car that was identified as being involved with a “Price Tag” incident in Umm al-Fahm recently. One of the couples was released the following day. The other couple was keep in remand and prevented from speaking to an attorney until Friday, May 2. After the couple was permitted to meet with an attorney they gave testimony concerning their car. Subsequent to giving testimony the wife was released. Honenu is filing a request for a reexamination of the Jerusalem Magistrate Court’s decision which ruled on Thursday, May 1 that the husband would remain in remand until Sunday, May 4. The basis for the reexamination is a request to release the husband today as his wife was, due to the fact that their refusal to speak was only because they were being prevented from meeting with an attorney.

The two couples from Yitzhar are being represented by attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir on behalf of Honenu.

Photo: One of the Yitzhar detainees in her first meeting with attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir

Photo credit: Honenu

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