Detainee from Givat Ronen conflict under restraining order until end of proceedings

Friday, April 29 14:04 Last night K’far Saba Magistrate Court Judge Doron Hasdai ordered “M”, the resident of southern Israel arrested during a conflict at Givat Ronen a month ago, confined to a community outside of Judea and Samaria until the end of proceedings.
“M” was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a policeman during the conflict that broke out at Givat Ronen during the arrest of a resident. “M” and his friends made a counter-claim that the policeman attacked “M” and in court a large wound in “M”’s eye was presented. The policeman who arrested “M” admitted that his elbow had hit “M”’s eye and caused the injury, however he claimed that it was accidental.
Judge Doron Hasdai ordered that “M” remained confined to a community until the end of proceedings.
Honenu attorney Adi Kedar represented “M”.

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