Detainee held under shocking remand conditions fully acquitted

Honenu Attorney Moshe Poleski; Photo credit: Honenu

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 14:02 This morning (Thursday), the Central District Court in Lod acquitted of all charges a Yehuda and Shomron resident who was detained on suspicion of tearing volumes of the Quran in an Arab village in the Shomron after a terror attack at the gas station in Eli in which four Jews were murdered (in June 2023). The resident was held by the GSS for interrogation under shocking conditions that included solitary conditions in a small cell, bright lighting 24 hours a day, and alternating freezing and sweltering temperatures in the cell, from which he suffered greatly. He was also prevented from meeting with an attorney for many days.

The resident was charged with rioting as an act of terror that resulted in damage, special (consequential) damages in an act of terror, and insult to religion in an act of terror. After the resident was indicted, he was held for approximately one year in remand. Honenu Attorney Moshe Poleski waged a legal battle in which he revealed how the police and the GSS failed in their duties when they filed the indictment.

Attorney Poleski reacted to the decision: “We welcome the acquittal of the defendant. From the start, we claimed that there was no evidence in the case, and that as the trial proceeded, he would be acquitted. Unfortunately, only because of a lack of a suitable alternative to remand, the defendant was held for a year behind bars. Today, after evidence management in the Central District Court, the Honorable Judge Marshak ruled that the prosecution had not proved the charges leveled against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the defense successfully raised fundamental problems and basic failures relevant to each piece of evidence presented by the prosecution.”

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