Detentions at Binyamin rock terror protest

Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 16:10 A short time ago, at least four settlers were detained at a demonstration protesting rock-throwing terror at the site where a mother and her toddler daughter were injured in a recent rock attack on the Allon Road leading to Kochav HaShahar. Honenu Attorney Nati Rom went to the police station to represent the detainees.

When the demonstrators arrived at the site, they were reportedly met with a severe response by soldiers and policemen who were filmed throwing tear gas grenades at them from close range. The security forces also apparently opened fire with live ammunition over the demonstrator’s heads.

Rom stated, “Unfortunately, a mother and her daughter were injured in a rock attack at a site where there have been many attacks perpetrated by Arabs against Jews, including rock throwing, Molotov cocktails, and explosive devices. The IDF and the GSS have not succeeded in eradicating terror from the area. Settlers who arrived at the site for a spontaneous demonstration against the life-threatening danger that they face daily on the main route to their homes encountered aggressiveness on the part of the security forces who are seen in video clips hurling tear gas grenades from close range and gathering spent bullet casings. Participants in the demonstration who were seen to be filming the action had their cameras confiscated and were then illegally detained. There is no legal prohibition against peacefully protesting terror attacks. I am on my way to the police station to assist the detainees.”

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Magistrates and District Courts released the detainees who had protested near the site of the attack, after ruling that Binyamin Brigade Commander Eliav Elbaz gave false testimony that contradicted eyewitness reports gathered from soldiers and policemen who were on the scene. A video clip of the incident also refutes Colonel Elbaz’s testimony.

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