Detentions at demonstrations following terror attack

Sunday, October 7, 2018, 22:20 A short time ago at the Baruch Junction near Migdal HaEmeq, two minors holding protest signs at a demonstration critical of the security situation, following the terror attack in Barkan earlier today, were detained. Additionally, another minor was detained at a protest near Beit El. Honenu Attorneys are checking the reason for the detention and assisting the detainees.
Update: 23:00
Three additional protesters have been detained, two at the demonstration near Beit El and a third at a protest taking place at the Yitzhar Junction in the Shomron.

See here for a statement by Moshe Shevah, whose son, Rabbi Raziel Shevah, was murdered in a January 2018 shooting attack in Havat Gilad by a terror cell assisted by collaborators, demanding that the IDF improve the deterrence factor against individuals collaborating with terrorists.

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