Did Jerusalem DA interfere with scheduling deliberation date for outpost founders in Jordan?

Tuesday, December 13, 22:16
Last night 17 activists from an organization calling on Jews to renew a Jewish presence in cities once Jewish but now considered by most to be Arab, were arrested after they crossed the border to Jordan, barricaded themselves in a building on the other side of the border and called for founding Jewish communities in the East Jordan.
This morning two children approximately 13 years of age who were among the arrested were released without a deliberation.
The remaining 15 arrestees, seven of whom were minors, were brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court where the police requested a remand extension of two days. Judge Oded Shaham released the arrestees on condition of a restraining ordering distancing them for 90 days from the area in which the incident occurred and a 3,000 NIS bond.
The police requested a delay in carrying out the decision and announced that they would appeal to the district court. At the deliberation of the adults, which took place first, a representative of the police who was authorized to request a delay was not present and therefore the arrestees were immediately released. However at the deliberation of the minors that took place later, a police prosecutor arrived and Judge Oded Shaham agreed to a delay in carrying out the decision.
The deliberation finished at approximately 19:00 and the representative of the police hurried to file an appeal with the district court on the decision to release the arrestees.
To the surprise of Honenu’s representatives and Attorney Naftali Wertzberger, who are handling the case, despite the lateness of the hour the deliberation at the district court was scheduled for 20:00, with Judge Romanov presiding. It should be noted that this is a very unusual step, being as an appeal filed at such an hour is generally scheduled for the following day.
From information received this evening it appears that the deliberation was scheduled rapidly due to the interference of the Jerusalem District Attorney. Sources close to the arrestees complained that the DA had interfered with the scheduling of the deliberation, being as at every petition to the judge both sides must be present.
A juridical source stated that if the claims are true, this is a serious incidence of interference by a high ranking official in the Attorney General’s office on a matter in which he has no authority.
Honenu brings in comparison an instance in which an appeal was filed this week on the remand of a minor who had been held for over a week. The appeal reached the same judge, however in this instance the judge explained that due to the fact that the appeal was filed at 17:00, the deliberation would be scheduled for the following day.
In the case of the activists who were released from remand, an appeal on their release was filed at 19:00 and the deliberation was scheduled for 20:00.
Tuesday, December 13, 22:31-Update
Judge Romanov rejected out of hand the appeal of the police who demanded that the court order the remand of the adult activists.
However concerning the appeal that Honenu filed demanding that the bond be canceled, the judge ruled that due to the lateness of the hour the deliberation would take place the following day.
Currently a deliberation is taking place on the appeal that the police filed concerning the release of the minors.

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