Did the GSS recruit a Binyamin resident?

Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 9:31 A Binyamin resident recently posted calls on his Facebook page for the release of the Jewish administrative detainees who were detained after the murderous attack in Eli. Earlier this week, he received a phone call from someone who presented himself as “No’am, a staffer from the Prime Minister’s Office,” who asked to speak to him completely alone, and attempted to convince him to meet at the Binyamin Police Station for a “talk beneficial to the security of the State.” The resident, who surmised that “No’am” was a GSS agent, refused and stated that he was not acquainted with the caller. In response, “No’am” claimed that he knew details about the resident and that he could verify that he was a staffer.

The resident, who had worked for the Prime Minister’s Office, tried to find out from “No’am” exactly where he served, but he evaded the question. The resident asked “No’am” why he did not give his real name and why he called from an unlisted number. The resident pointed out to “No’am” that he had worked at the “Nativ” branch of the Prime Minister’s Office and that he knows the security regulations and how contact is made from a private phone line. He reproached “No’am” for being an agent from the Jewish Department of the GSS trying to recruit him for operations against Yehuda and Shomron residents. “No’am” denied that he works for the GSS or the police and tried again to persuade the Binyamin resident to meet with him. The resident refused.

After the phone call, the Binyamin resident said, “I immediately understood that I was speaking to a GSS agent trying to recruit me. My hunch is that he approached me because of Facebook posts in which I expressed overtly right-wing opinions about our relations with the Arab enemy. Recently, I shared posts and calls for the release of the Jewish administrative detainees who were detained without a trial and without evidence being presented. The time has come to close the unit known as the Jewish Department of the GSS that spends its time harassing Jewish residents of Yehuda and Shomron instead of dealing with Arab terror.”

Honenu added, “According to the thought police at the GSS, writing posts protesting the corrupt conduct of the government is grounds for harassment and threatening phone calls. Thankfully, citizens understand that they are not obligated to cooperate.”

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