Five worshipers detained on Temple Mount

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 11:18 On the morning of Wednesday, October 30, policemen detained five Jews during their tour of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem when they stopped to pray and called out “G-d is the Lord” as they prostrated themselves.
Honenu Attorney Nati Rom, who is assisting the detainees, stated: “It is inconceivable that in the 21st century, in a democratic county, Jews are detained merely for praying or expressing religious sentiments. This is a disgrace and a severe human rights violation. It is inconceivable that in our capital city Jews are not able to close their eyes, pray to their Creator or express their feelings. I expect the human rights organizations and everyone who is concerned about democracy to do all that they can to allow Jews also freedom of religion and freedom of expression in the capital city of Jerusalem. This is a severe violation of the fundamental values of human rights, of freedom of religion, and of democracy. This continuous violation must stop immediately.”

Video credit: Michael Miller
For a selection of cases in which Honenu Attorneys represented Jews detained on or near the Temple Mount please see here.

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