Fury in Hevron: Yassam police wake up widow, orphans in early morning raid

Fury in Hevron: In the early morning hours police raided the home of a recently deceased man in search for his personal weapon.
Tuesday, November 1 8:03 At approximately 5:00 A.M. Yassam (Special Forces) police and police detectives raided the home of a family residing in Beit Hadassah, Hevron. The father of the family passed away several months ago after succumbing to a serious illness. The police woke up the widow and orphans, the youngest of whom is approximately 18 months old, and conducted a search of the house for his weapon, which had been stolen.
Already several months ago the family reported the weapon, belonging to the father of the family, who passed away after a prolonged illness, had been stolen. The police had searched the house in the past and investigated the family members and friends of the deceased, however the weapon has not yet been found.
As stated, this morning Yassam and detective forces raided a home, with a search warrant, and thoroughly searched for the weapon. The residents of Hevron are furious at the conduct of the police, who for no understandable reason are cruelly treating a widow and orphans, and cite the verse “Thou shall not afflict any widow, or orphan… if they cry out to Me, I will surely hear their cry”.
MK Michael Ben-Ari said in response that, “This is an atrocious lack of sensitivity on the part of the police. In this instance it would have been appropriate to show particular consideration, and in light of the fact that the house had already been searched, this is a case of harassment for harassment’s sake.”

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