Gag order lifted on Old City Jerusalem incident

Sunday, April 27, 10:11 On Friday, April 11 two youths were detained in the Old City of Jerusalem as they posted posters calling on Muslims to vacate the Temple Mount in order to facilitate building the Holy Temple. See below for complete text of the poster. The police, who categorized the act as a “Price Tag” incident, requested a gag order on the case. The court granted the request, which outraged senior journalists in the Israeli media. For details see screen shots taken of journalists’ statements in social media forums and the translations thereof below. Later the same day the youths were released on condition of a restraining order banning them from entering the Old City for 30 days.
The police removed the gag order on Sunday, April 27 and released the following announcement:
Cleared for publication: On 11/4 policemen from Merchav David [Old City District] detained two Jewish youth, one 18 years of age from the central region of Israel and the other a minor and a resident of Jerusalem, after they hung a sign on one of the gates of the Temple Mount designated for Muslim worshipers calling on Muslims to vacate the Temple Mount due to construction work for building the Holy Temple. Due to the alertness of the policemen the two suspects were detained as they held in their possession additional signs with the same text. The suspects were interrogated by the National Unit of Serious and International Crime Investigations at the Central Police Unit in Jerusalem. During their interrogation they refused to cooperate. The two were brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court which gave them a restraining order banning them from entering the Old City for 30 days. The case will be transferred to the Attorney General’s office within the coming days.
Complete text of poster:
You are requested to vacate the Temple Mount compound חננו 543הby the date of 13.04.14, the 13th of Nisan, by the hour of 19:00 due to construction work on the Holy Temple, renewal of offering sacrifices and the offering of the Passover sacrifices the following day.
We thank you for your cooperation.
The Jewish People
Translation of statements made in social media forums by senior Israeli journalists on the detention and gag order on Friday, April 11:
Chaim D. Levinson
Unbelievable. One of the weirdest gag orders in history.חננו 543
Behind this order are two youths who were caught putting up posters saying that the Arabs must “vacate the Temple Mount compound due to construction work on the Holy Temple and renewal of offering sacrifices”
The Jerusalem Police detained the two and transferred them to the National Unit of Serious and International Crime Investigations for interrogation. The judge did release them but accepted the police request for the gag order.
So here it is. These are the “details” of the “investigation”. I publicized them. As far as I’m concerned they can put me in jail. I’ll go with my head held high.
Itamar Fleishman
Before you is the oddest and most and superfluous gag חננו 543בorder ever given.
The “Price Tag” incident mentioned in it is no more than a sign hung near the Temple Mount.
The youths who hung it are being interrogated in the National Unit of Serious and International Crime Investigations, the greatest accomplishment of which to this day has been convincing judges to issue odd orders and rulings.
By the way, the youth were released after the judge didn’t really understand the cause for the detention and certainly not for a remand extension.
Perhaps this status is a violation of the gag order.
They are welcome to come and interrogate me.
Akiva Novick
A serious terror incident occurred this morning in חננו 543גJerusalem. No, not a terror incident, a pogrom. Two kids printed up a sign demanding that the Muslims vacate the Temple Mount because they want to offer the Passover sacrifice. The police detained them for several hours of interrogation, demanded a remand extension and even received a gag order on the incident in order not to inflame the entire Mid-east.
I hope that the army doesn’t conquer the computer room in which the sign was printed.
Ehud Amiton
Gag order on a “Price Tag” incident in Jerusalem. A minor and an adult were detained last night (and already released) after they hung signs on the gates to the Temple Mount. Nothing more than that. Crazy!

חננו 543ד

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