Givat Ronen: 10 arrested in police raid, the police broke into homes and beat residents

Wednesday, March 30 3:23 Throughout the evening large forces of police, army, border police and special forces (Yassam) raided Givat Ronen (Sneh Ya’akov) near Har Bracha. In the course of the raid 10 settlers were arrested.
A detective vehicle arrived at the hilltop in order to arrest one of the residents. Damage was caused to the vehicle and in response large numbers of forces streamed into the area and began to violently arrest residents.
The forces fired gas and shock grenades, broke into homes without warrants, shattered windows and arrested residents in their homes. Three residents were lightly injured.
Currently 10 settlers are arrested at the Ariel police station. Honenu attorney Yehuda Shimon is at the Ariel police station briefing the arrested.

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