GOC suddenly cancels engagement party

Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad; Photo credit: Honenu

Meidad, director of Honenu; Photo credit: Honenu

Monday, July 20, 2020, 14:02 On Sunday, July 19, a quarter of an hour before a man administratively distanced from the Shomron was supposed to leave for his engagement party at his finance’s house in a Shomron community, he and his family were surprised to receive a letter suddenly canceling the special permit allowing him to attend it. Approximately one week prior to the event, the administratively distanced man filed an official request for the permit, and Major-General Tamir Yadai, the GOC of the Central Command, authorized him to take a direct route to his destination in the Shomron and stay there for a specific number of hours.
The father of the administratively distanced man said, “It is an embarrassment and a disgrace to receive a draconian and antisemitic order such as this in the State of the Jewish People. There has never been anything like this! You should simply be embarrassed to send me something like this a quarter of an hour (!!) before leaving for an engagement party.
“This reminds me of the decrees of the biggest haters of the Jewish people. I thought we were through with them already. You don’t understand that in your twisted way of thinking you are only distancing the youth from the love of our precious State. Evilness like no other. Great stupidity.”
Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad, the director of Honenu, which is assisting the family stated, “The use of administrative orders is always a major problem. The public has not yet internalized the situation because the orders have not yet reached the man on the street, but it is a very slippery and steep slope. This time, all sense of proportion has been lost. Who is going to stop this repulsive and cruel anarchy?”
Knesset Member Betzalel Smotrich also responded to the cancellation of the event: “Canceling the permit for the engagement party of a young Jewish man in the Shomron minutes before the planned time to leave for the event is an injustice. The conduct of the security authorities in matter of restrictive orders served to Jewish youths should disturb everyone for whom human rights are important.”

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