GSS agent posed as member of “The New Guard”

Sunday, August 14 21:04 This afternoon Honenu attorney Yossi Lin visited the two detainees from Yitzhar being held in the GSS facilities. The two are being interrogated on suspicion of setting on fire Arab vehicles two days after the massacre of the Fogel family in Itamar.
Lin said that the GSS interrogators are applying massive pressure on the minor detainee and interrogating him every day for many hours. The other detainee was taken this morning by GSS interrogators to the village in which they claim the arson took place in an attempt to cause him to cooperate with them.
During Shabbat an additional “detainee” who presented himself as “Itamar Alder” and claimed he was a member of “The New Guard”, which operates in the northern region of Israel, was placed in cell of Calev Blanc, one of the detainees. “Alder”, who was actually a GSS agent planted to get Blanc to talk, said that he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Arabs up north. The agent attempted to engage Blanc in conversation, but he refused to speak to him about the interrogation.
A check with “The New Guard”, an organization founded in order to protect agricultural land in the northern region of Israel, revealed that, of course, they are not acquainted with a man by the name of “Itamar Alder”…
Sources close to the detainee related that, “We are happy that the attempts by the GSS to break the resolve of the detainees and cause them to admit to acts they did not commit are failing one after the other. It is sad to see the depths to which the prestigious and secret organization of the strongest country in the Mideast has sunk, especially when a kippa-wearing man stands at its head.”
It should be noted that the remand of the two detainees has been extended until tomorrow. In the morning the GSS interrogators will decide whether they intend to request an additional remand extension or to release them.

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