Gur Hamel, z”l, petitioned the court for medical treatment, died before the hearing

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Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar sent a letter to the Ayalon Prison, after Hamel’s death, but two hours before he was informed of his client’s passing. For a translation by Honenu of the letter, click here: Letter from Honenu to Ayalon Prison demanding medical care for Gur Hamel, z”l

Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 16:29 Gur Hamel, z”l, a prisoner in the Ayalon Prison, pleaded for life-saving medical treatment of his severe diabetes that had caused him great suffering for several months prior to his death. Hamel was forced to petition the Central District Court in Lod after the Prison Service refused to grant him suitable medical care for his urgent medical condition. The petition, see image at right, is dated March 15, 2022 – almost one month before his death. See below for a translation of the petition.

A hearing was scheduled at the Central District Court in Lod for today (Wednesday). However Hamel was found dead in his cell on Monday, two days prior to the scheduled hearing, after suffering excruciating stomach pains for several days.

Honenu recorded a conversation (see below) between Hamel and a representative of the organization approximately 11 hours before he was found dead in his prison cell. Hamel’s screams are clearly heard, and his voice is strained.

Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who represented Hamel: “A mere few days before his death, the prisoner, with whom we have been in contact for 20 years, turned to Honenu and asked us to represent him at today’s hearing. This was in light of the urgency and of the medical issues. We, of course, agreed to the request. Unfortunately, his last wishes were not fulfilled. However, this chilling document [the petition] will constitute the central exhibit in the examination and the investigation that we will conduct until the truth of the matter is uncovered.”

Yesterday (Tuesday) Hamel’s funeral was held at the cemetery of Kibbutz Sa’ad, where he grew up.

Translation of the petition

Date: 15.3.22

Name of the Prisoner: Gur Aryeh Ben Ya’ir [Hamel]

Prison: Ayalon

Urgent Petition!

Subject of the Petition: Withholding of medical treatment

Details of the Petition: The honorable court is asked to order the respondent [the Ayalon Prison] to treat the petitioner with insulin and to schedule an appointment with a diabetes specialist immediately!

  1. The petitioner would like to call to the attention of the court that he has been suffering for 45 days from high blood sugar (300-600), which is a life-threatening condition!

  2. The respondent, on their part, supplied him with pills, however they were the sort that are not strong enough to balance the high levels of sugar in his blood. And thus the condition remained as it was.

  3. The petitioner states that he turned to the medical staff of the Ayalon Prison and explained to them that for six continuous years (2014-2020) he was treated by the Prison Service with insulin (this detail is recorded in his medical file). But currently, contrary to what had been, they decided to withhold this treatment, completely ignoring his condition, which, as stated above, is life-threatening!!!

  4. Moreover, the petitioner states that despite the declarations of the respondent on the matter, for over 45 days they have denied him meetings with a diabetes specialist and with a dietician. They have even denied him the blood sugar tests that he requires on alternate days.

  5. In light of the above, the honorable court is asked to schedule an urgent hearing for this petition.

The audio recording. WARNING: Hamel’s distressed screams are distinctly heard.

“Do something. I’m dying of pain. I’m doubled over in pain. … Get somebody here. Call the Ayalon Prison. … They’re not treating me. I’m dying of pain. … Do something. I don’t know who to call. …,” Hamel cried out.

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