Gush Katif expellee detained at enlistment office, suspected of incitement

Monday, January 19, 2015, 16:42 On Sunday, January 18, a 17 year-old youth who reported to the Be’er Sheva enlistment office after being summoned for routine checks and examinations prior to enlistment, was detained on suspicion of distributing fliers calling on soldiers to refuse orders to destroy Jewish houses. The youth is suspected of distributing the fliers at the enlistment office and of calling on soldiers to actively oppose participating in the destruction of Jewish communities. The youth was expelled with his family from one of the 21 Gush Katif communities in August 2005.
Despite the fact that the youth was detained in the late morning hours, only in the evening, after he had been unreachable because his cell phone was off for many hours, were his parents informed that he was being held in remand at a Be’er Sheva police station on suspicion of incitement. The youth was also not interrogated until after 21:00.
Honenu attorney Alex Justin arrived at the police station in order to advise the youth, who was released late at night after interrogation.

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