Has a witch hunt started?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015, 11:09 Honenu reports that recently a sharp escalation of police activity against residents of Yehuda and Shomron, and also students studying in the area, has begun. A youth was detained in the middle of the night without being summoned for interrogation. In another incident, youths who had stopped at a gas station to fill their car radiator with water, were detained solely because of their appearance. These are just two of the recent occurrences which have caused Honenu to ask: Has a witch hunt started?
In the middle of the night on Monday, August 3, a youth who attends a yeshiva in Kiryat Arba was detained at his home in Ashdod and brought to the Hevron Police Station. After being interrogated about an incident which occurred two months previously in which he was suspected of assaulting an Arab, the youth was released to his home.
Honenu would like to point out that at the time of the incident the youth agreed to report for further interrogation whenever he was asked to do so. From that time until his middle of the night detention, two months passed during which he was not summoned for interrogation, “It is sad to see that the Israeli Police have joined the atmosphere of incitement against residents of Yehuda and Shomron which has characterized the past few days” said Honenu attorney Ze’ev Wolf, who is representing the youth. Wolf added that, “His immediate release upon completion of the interrogation, indicates that the detention was unnecessary, and that its sole purpose was to placate the left-wing.”
This detention follows the detention of five youths at a gas station in the Etzion Bloc on Sunday, August 2. The youths stopped at the gas station during the late hours of the morning after their car began to overheat. As they were filling the radiator with water, policemen arrived on the scene. After they noticed that some of the youths wore large kippot and had long payot, they summoned additional policemen and brought the youths to the police station, claiming that the youths were “conspiring to commit a crime”.
All five youths denied that they intended to carry out any crime and explained that they stopped to fill the radiator with water. GSS personnel arrived at the police station and spoke to the youths. They were unconditionally released, however their car was impounded. After Honenu attorney Avichai Hajbi intervened the car was released on Monday, August 3.
Honenu is of the opinion that the detentions are part of the persecution of right-wingers, which is the result of incitement by left-wingers and some of the news media.

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