Hevron attack terrorist’s house will be demolished

Sunday, February 5, 2023, 15:43 The High Court of Justice rejected a petition from the family of Muhamed Jabari opposing the demolition of his house. Jabari murdered Ronen Hanania, Hy”d, and injured Ofer Ohana in a terror attack in Hevron four months ago.

Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing Hanania’s family, stated in response to the High Court’s decision: “The terrorist’s entire house should have been demolished a long time ago. There is no doubt that the war on terror necessitates decisive and swift reactions in order to increase deterrence, including the immediate demolition of terrorists’ houses and the expulsion of the terrorists’ families. Time after time, investigation of the attacks proves that terrorists do not act in a vacuum, but rather they are supported by their community and by their families. Therefore they must also be penalized. We hope that the government will give the IDF stronger tools to prevent terror attacks.”

uring the High Court of Justice hearings, Ohana called for the demolition of the terrorist’s house to strengthen deterrence: “They [Jabari] are a family of terrorists with blood on their hands. A family of Hamasniks, terrorists. This was not the first attack to come out of that family. The terrorist’s brother murdered Rina Didovski, Hy”d, and Eliyahu Ben Ami, Hy”d. He was arrested and released in the Shalit Deal. As a medic, I treated Rina, but unfortunately, she died in our hands. Eliyahu died later on the way to the hospital.”

Ohana added, “The terrorist was very focused. He knew exactly what he was doing. He murdered Ronen Hanania, Hy”d, walked away, and returned after a time with the intent of murdering the medical and rescue forces. That is a serious and severe attack. Deterrence is important. The IDF must be allowed to demolish the terrorist’s house. This family should not have a house. The IDF must be allowed to defeat terrorism. Give them the tools they need to deal with murderers.”

In October 2022, Muhamed Jabari shot and murdered Ronen Hanania, Hy”d, and lightly injured his son. Ofer Ohana, an MDA medic, immediately arrived on the scene with a security officer. Jabari opened fire on them, seriously injuring Ohana and lightly injuring the security officer. The IDF petitioned the Supreme Court to demolish Jabari’s house, and in January 2023, Supreme Court Justice Alex Stein ruled that the house will not be demolished until a hearing is held on the petition.

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