Honenu attorney Kedar: “The GSS must decide – criminal or administrative procedure”

Tuesday, August 9 10:06 At the Petah Tikva District Court a deliberation will take place very shortly on the appeal filed on the extension remand of the two detainees from Yitzhar. The two are suspected of setting on fire Arab vehicles after the horrifying murder of five members of the Fogel family, hy”d, in Itamar.
Yesterday (Monday) Judge Dana Mershek-Marom extended their remand until Friday.
To the astonishment of Honenu attorney Adi Kedar, who is representing the two, it became apparent during the deliberation that the arrest warrants were taken out ten days ago, before the administrative restraining order banning Calev Blanc from entering Yehuda and Shomron was signed.
“Last week, large forces of police raided the community of Yitzhar and distributed administrative restraining orders, among them to the detainee in front of us,” said Kedar, “If so, why didn’t they arrest him then if he is so dangerous?”
However what is even more puzzling about the conduct of the GSS, is the fact that the administrative restraining-banning order is defined as an extreme step and is given only in a case in which there is insufficient evidence for an arrest. Honenu attorney Kedar claimed that this is proof that there is not substantial evidence in the case. “If there is evidence, why did you take out an administrative restraining order, which is supposed to be a last resort? And if there is no evidence, why did you arrest him?” asked Kedar in astonishment. However Judge Mershek-Marom refused to relate to the words of Kedar and extended the remand of the two until Friday.
During the deliberation the investigator from the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police who represented the GSS and the police claimed that relating to the issuance of the administrative restraining-banning order is not relevant to the deliberation and that the investigators associated with the case were not aware of the raid that took place in Yitzhar last week…
As stated, Honenu attorney Kedar filed an appeal on this decision and shortly a deliberation on the appeal is supposed to take place at the Petah Tikva District Court.
It should be noted that the two detainees are being held in very harsh conditions, in small cells with no toilet or bed, their clothes were taken from them and they are wearing prison uniforms. Yesterday dozens of their friends arrived at the courthouse in order to show their support and to protest their remand conditions.

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