Honenu mourns the passing of Rabbanit Miriam Levinger, z”l

Rabbanit Miriam Levinger, z"l, Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90

Rabbanit Miriam Levinger, z”l, Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90

Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 7:56 Honenu mourns the passing of Rabbanit Miriam Levinger, z”l, on the night after Yom Kippur. She excelled in mitzvot both personal and for the sake of all Israel, the merit of which she will take with her to the next world. Rabbanit Levinger was an exemplary mother of many descendants, all of whom were inspired by her virtuous character.
Rabbanit Levinger, z”l, led the group of women who broke into Beit Hadassah and founded the Jewish Community of Hevron. After the passing of her husband, one of the leaders of Jewish settlement in Yehuda and Shomron, she continued his legacy.
A staunch supporter of Honenu, Rabbanit Levinger, z”l, was always concerned about the organization and regularly inquired into the well-being of those assisted by Honenu. She honored the organization in her role as a member of the Honenu Public Council.
Rabbanit Levinger, z”l, was an esteemed role model to us.
May her memory be for a blessing.

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