Honenu requested, the State Attorney appealed

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 19:44 Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher reacted to the appeal: “We are pleased that the office of the State Attorney appealed the decision. This was an extremely brutal attack. The penalty handed down to the terrorists does not reflect the cruelty of their acts and lowers the standard of penalization determined by the courts. We expect the Supreme Court to stiffen the terrorists’ sentence. This will be the start of returning security to Israeli citizens.”

Yesterday, the office of the State Attorney appealed to the Supreme Court with regard to the lenient penalty handed down to two of the terrorists who brutally attacked Eli Rozen in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood of Jerusalem in April 2021, shortly before Operation Guardian of the Walls. Rozen suffered bruises, swelling, cuts, and three broken vertebrae. The Jerusalem District Court sentenced one of the terrorists to 36 months’ imprisonment and required him to pay 7,500 NIS in compensation and another to 52 months’ imprisonment and required him to pay 15,000 NIS in compensation. Following the lenient sentencing, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing Rozen, sent a letter to the office of the State Attorney requesting that they appeal the decision. The letter:

As my client was walking his dog, he encountered a group of terrorists rioting in the street. They threw rocks at him and shouted, “Settler, settler!” and other calls. My client attempted to escape the crowd, but the ‘bloodthirsty’ rioters surrounded him from all sides, punched him, kicked him, beat him with wooden clubs, threw large rocks and other objects at him, and used an electric shocker on him. My client attempted to escape, but every time that he got up, the rioters threw him to the ground and continued to beat him. My client shouted with all his might until he felt that he was losing all of his strength and that those were his last moments.”

Bleicher related to the lenient penalty handed down to the terrorists and the negative influence it has on deterring terror: “It is difficult to imagine that the same brutal terrorists will be walking among us in only a few years. Terrorists of this sort are not fit to be living in human society, and certainly not within a matter of years since they carried out their acts. The cruel incident occurred a short time before similar incidents in mixed [Jewish-Arab] cities, when terrorists carrying Israeli identification cards [i.e. Israeli citizens] took advantage of the war situation [Operation Guardian of the Walls] and attempted to slaughter and commit crimes against Jewish Israeli citizens. A country that values life must severely penalize these dangerous terrorists and send a clear, firm message opposing terror of this sort.”

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