Honenu to AG: Investigate the inciting journalist

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 8:17 Honenu Attorney Menashe Yado wrote a letter to the Attorney General, Gali Baharav-Miara, demanding that a criminal investigation be opened against Yisrael Frey, who is a journalist, in light of a tweet he posted on his Twitter account that supports Arab terror. The tweet was posted after a terrorist was apprehended and detained in Yafo. The terrorist admitted under interrogation that he was looking for soldiers in order to injure them.

Frey reacted to the detention with a tweet on his Twitter account (translation by Honenu): “Look at what a hero he is. He came all the way from Shechem to Tel Aviv, and despite the presence of all the Israelis around him taking whatever their part is in the oppression, shattering, and killing of his people, he nevertheless searched for legitimate targets [soldiers] and refrained from injuring innocents [civilians]. In a civilized world, he would have received a medal.”

Yado wrote in his letter to the Attorney General that “calling soldiers ‘legitimate targets’ acknowledges terror and prepares the ground for acts of terror. This expression is liable to cause us to be uncertain regarding the recognition that soldiers are entitled to protection from terror like every other citizen. It may also cause terrorists to consider soldiers to be a weak point in the Israeli opposition to terror. Such talk endangers soldiers as individuals and also the strength of Israeli society and the State of Israel. The Israeli public, the soldiers, and their families are entitled to protection by law in this context.

“One must remember that the anti-terror law is binding and prevails in the State of Israel. Also, international law refers to countries, not to individual terrorists, and does not discuss the situation of a soldier in civilian surroundings or the unique combination of an Israeli street on which soldiers walk together in a civilian environment and terror suddenly striking, as it did in the incident on a street in Yafo.”

The incident occurred three weeks ago. A terrorist from Shechem carrying an improvised Carlo submachine gun and two improvised explosive devices full of nails was apprehended in Yafo by a Yasam (special police) team. The terrorist was detained for interrogation, during which he admitted that his intention had been to carry out a mass attack in Tel Aviv and that he looked for soldiers to injure, but he did not find any and so he wandered around Yafo, which raised the suspicions of the Yasam team who detained him.

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