In Jerusalem courts several deliberations took place today

Tuesday, July 5 22:34 At the Juvenile Magistrate Court a deliberation took place this morning on two youths, residents of Bat Ayin, accused of setting on fire Arab fields near Bat Ayin approximately two years ago. Judge Avital Molad presided over the deliberation.
Judge Rivka Friedman-Feldman presided over two deliberations. The deliberation at which the charge sheet was read to “Y”, the Gush Shiloh resident charged with causing damage to Arab property in Hevron during the funeral of Yitzhak and Talia Ames, hy”d, had been postponed for the purpose of obtaining investigative material. Honenu attorney Itzik Bam represented “Y”.
An additional deliberation which took place on a couple from Negohot accused of disturbing a public servant because they drove on an entry road to Negohot closed to Jewish traffic, had also been postponed for the purpose of obtaining investigative material.
Judge Ben-Dor presided over the deliberation on two yeshiva students accused of blocking a street in the area of Kiryat Moshe in protest of the evacuation of Beit HaShalom in Hevron approximately three years ago. Today the trial of one of the students ended and in the plea bargain agreed upon by both sides it was decided that he would not be convicted and would make a donation to a charitable organization.
The deliberation on the second student was postponed.
An additional deliberation took place this morning on a female resident of Eli charged with possession of a knife. The prosecution changed their minds this morning on the charge sheet filed against her.

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