Janashvilli: Revoke my attackers’ citizenship

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Monday, January 16, 2023, 14:29 Dozens of Arab rioters brutally attacked Mor Janashvilli in May 2021, at the time of Operation Guardian of the Walls. Today (Monday) Janashvilli testified in court in the case of three of the terrorists who attacked him. During the cross-examination, Janashvilli was questioned by the terrorists’ attorneys. He retorted to one of them, “The defendant whom you are representing should have his citizenship revoked. Whoever burned down synagogues and Jewish houses should have been fought. If [the security forces] had fought [rioters] with full force at the beginning of the pogrom in Lod, then I would not have been injured and my life and my family’s life would not have been ruined.”

After the hearing, Honenu Attorney Chayim Bleicher, who is representing Janashvilli, stated,” Mor bravely stood up to the terrorists’ three defense attorneys who attempted to turn them into victims although they brutally attacked and tried to murder a Jew. We come to hearings to shout the simple truth: Jews have the right to live safely in their Land and anyone who damages their security should be severely penalized. The terrorists do not deserve any mercy. We hope that the judges will rule justly and severely penalize them. We have noticed that the terrorists are arriving at hearings with family members and photographers to support them. Am Yisrael must support Mor. Mor is an emissary for all of us in the war on the personal security of Israeli citizens, fighting so that terrorists will not try to injure Jews again.”

As he left the hearing, Janashvilli said, “The terrorists’ defense attorneys tried to present them as victims and yelled at me that I am racist. I resolutely stood my ground. The time has come for the judges to do justice and not to allow the terrorists’ attorneys to cheapen our blood. Am Yisrael chai!”

Janashvilli’s mother, Chana, also spoke after the hearing, “I call on the government to expel the terrorists and demolish their houses immediately. Our lives have been ruined because of the terrorists. We are deeply in post-trauma. I call on [National Security] Minister Ben Gvir to expel these terrorists from the State. Everybody who injured my son should not be allowed to live in this country.”

At the time of Operation Guardian of the Walls, May 2021, Janashvilli was attacked in Acco by dozens of Arab rioters who pelted his car with large rocks, heavy furniture, and anything else they could get their hands on. Janashvilli lost control of his car, drove it into a wall and was forced to flee. The Arab mob beat him and kicked him until he collapsed on the ground in a semi-conscious state. He was saved at the last moment, apparently by Arabs who called the emergency services. He was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital, suffering from bruises on his entire body, broken bones, cuts on his face, partial paralysis in his left leg, headaches and dizziness.

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