Jewish minor detained at protest near Neve Tzuf

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 21:34 A Jewish minor was detained a short while ago during a protest at the Neve Ya’ir memorial near Neve Tzuf. Approximately 200 residents of the Tzuf are demonstrating against the deterioration of the level of security in the area. Large numbers of Yassam (Special Forces), border policemen and soldiers are at the scene. Honenu is assisting the detainee.
Message sent by the secretariat of Neve Tzuf to the community’s residents on Friday, November 2: “Shalom, unfortunately the security situation on the roads is still deteriorating. The most recent series of incidents began last night when a resident of the community encountered burning tires at the Deir Abu Mesha’al Junction and was forced to turn her car around and leave the scene, continued in the morning with a fire bomb thrown at a car, boulders thrown at a vehicle at close range (the front windshield was shattered and damage was caused to the car body), and rocks were thrown from a passing [Arab] car (there was car body damage). All of the incidents occurred between Neve Ya’ir and the Deir Abu Mesha’al Junction.”
The secretariat called on the residents of the community to participate in the demonstration on Saturday night, after Shabbat.

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