Jews detained after Arabs riot on Temple Mount

Thursday, October 4, 15:02 The mother of one of the detainees: The police wanted to placate the Arabs after detaining Arab rioters this morning.
Following the Arab riots on the Temple Mount this morning, the police have detained four Jews on and at the entrance to the Temple Mount, Honenu reports. One of the detainees, Moshe Fuah, age 26, is the son of Michael Fuah, aide to Communications and Welfare Minister Moshe Kachlon.
Malki, the mother of Michael Fuah who was detained on suspicion of praying on the Temple Mount relates the incident: “This morning our family ascended the Temple Mount. It was a very emotional event, especially since it was my first visit to the Temple Mount. We didn’t go up together. My husband and I went up with the first group and our son was supposed to go up in the group after us.
“We were very sad to see that the Temple Mount was really under the control of the Waqf and that we were considered guests, unwanted guests. During our tour of the Temple Mount the Arabs started to riot. The Waqf personnel conducted themselves with physical and verbal violence against us and inflamed the mood of the crowd at the scene. The police in an unusual, but definitely necessary, step arrested several Arabs who had been involved with the rioting.
“Our son came up in the next group. At some point the policemen decided to detain him without any clear cause, apparently to “balance” the previous detention [of Arabs] and placate the rioters who stood around and called out antagonizing calls. In the absurdity of the situation the member of the Waqf who attacked us and was detained and taken into remand was not handcuffed while my son, who hadn’t hurt anyone, was handcuffed as he was taken into remand.”
The next group of Jews that wanted to ascend the Temple Mount was prevented by the police from doing so. In response the Jews blocked a group of tourists that wanted to enter the site. Three Jews from that group were detained on a charge of disturbing the peace. The detainees were taken to the Kishleh Police Station in the Old City of Jerusalem.
After interrogation Fuah was unconditionally released.
Earlier this week several Jews were detained on a claim that they had prayed while on the Temple Mount. Among the detainees were Moshe Feiglin, the head of the “Manhigut Yehudit” faction of the Likud party and Rabbi Yehuda Leibman, a regiment commander in the reserves and the principal of the boys’ school in Yitzhar. R. Leibman was detained after his small son sat on the ground at the Temple Mount.
Honenu, which assisted the detainees today, reports in response that “It is a shame that during the holiday of Succot, ‘the time of our joy’, the police choose to reward the Muslim rioters by falsely detaining a Jew who ascended the Temple Mount. Instead of dealing with the Arab rioters the police choose to enforce a strange racist law which prohibits Jews from praying at their holiest site.”

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