Kfar Duma trial: Evidence from scene incompatible with confessions

Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 20:48 On Wednesday, December 12, the evidentiary stage continued in the Kfar Duma trial. Chief Superintendent Erez Amouyal, who led the Israeli Police investigation team, testified in court.
Chief Superintendent Amouyal took the witness stand for many hours while Attorneys Asher Ohayon and Yitzhak Bam, who are representing Amiram Ben Uliel, cross examined him.
During the cross-examination many findings from the scene of the arson incident were found to be incompatible with the testimony given by Ben Uliel. Attorney Ohayon: “Today in court the individual who was the head of the police investigation team for the incident which occurred in Duma, by rank the chief superintendent, testified. During the cross-examination it turned out that – to make it short – many of the details which were determined from the findings at the scene of the crime do not match, are not compatible with, and are not consistent with the confessions by Amiram.”
“There were details of which he [Amiram] was not aware and some details which he had given turned out to be incorrect. I think that this should be extremely significant food for thought for anyone who is going to make decisions in this case. And I hope that it will be,” added Ohayon.
Following Attorney Ohayon, Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar, who is representing the minor in the case, continued the cross-examination.
Next week the evidentiary stage of the trial is expected to continue. Additional policemen and eye-witnesses from Kfar Duma are expected to testify.

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