“Legal first aid” cards distributed to police, security guards in Jerusalem

Sunday, November 16, 2014, 11:11 Following a deterioration in Jerusalem’s security

"Legal first aid" card, both sides

“Legal first aid” card, both sides

situation Honenu activists distributed “legal first aid” cards to security guards on the light rail and police in the city. On Thursday, November 13, Honenu activists led by Honenu director Shmuel (Zangi) Meidad toured several locations in Jerusalem and distributed the cards. “The response was enthusiastic,” said Meidad.
“The policemen were very pleased with the cards they received,” said Meidad. “From the responses of the policemen, both blue uniform [civilian] and green [border police, a branch of the IDF] it was clear that they identified with us, that they recognize the problem and that they know that they must deal with it. The policemen constantly face difficult dilemmas. We are saying ‘Protect your lives and ours and we will back you’.”
The security guards on the light rail, who are frequently summoned by the police following complaints by Arabs who were examined by them as potential terrorists, were also pleased to receive the cards. “One of the guards, a recently released soldier, told us that he became aware of the organization during his army service after one of his friends found himself in a difficult situation and was assisted by us,” said Meidad. “The guards are also in a ‘catch-22’. Refraining from examining a suspicious Arab on the train could cost many Jewish lives. On the other hand there is also a chance of becoming embroiled in legal complications.”
In the coming days Honenu activists expect to continue distributing the cards, which have already proved to be a valuable resource to numerous soldiers who have turned to Honenu for legal assistance after receiving them.

For more information about previous card distributions and related cases please see here.

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