Magistrate court orders release of Ofra detainees

Thursday, March 2, 2017 23:55 On Thursday, March 2, Petah Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Oded Moreno presided over a deliberation in which the police initially demanded a remand extension for the ten youths, five of them minors, who had been forcibly removed from the roof of the last house destroyed in Ofra the previous day. At the beginning of the deliberation the police altered their demand to house arrest and distancing from all of Yehuda and Shomron.
Judge Moreno rejected the demand, ordered the release of the detainees and ordered them distanced 500 meters from only Ofra, for 30 days. The police then demanded a delay in carrying out the decision in order to facilitate filing an appeal with the district court on the decision. The judge rejected that demand as well.
Honenu Attorneys Chai Haber and Yossi Nadav represented the detainees.
Honenu Attorny Chai Haber: “There is a reason for the inability of the police to explain their demand to keep the youths under house arrest. Again the court proved that depriving an individual of his freedom is not an inconsequential matter and ordered the immediate release of the youths under only the condition of distancing from Ofra.”
Update: The police did file an appeal, which the Lod District Court rejected.

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