Magistrates Court releases Yered and Indor

Honenu Attys. Keidar, Rom, and Hajbi (L to R); Photo credit: Honenu

Wednesday, August 9, 2023, 15:11 On Wednesday, August 9, The Jerusalem Magistrates Court released Elisha Yered, who was attacked by dozens of rioting Arabs near Oz Tzion and subsequently detained, to house arrest. Honenu Attorney Avichai Hajbi represented Yered. Yehiel Indor, who was seriously injured in the attack, was also released to house arrest. Honenu Attorneys Adi Keidar and Nati Rom represented Indor. The attorneys gave statements on their clients’ release to house arrest:

Honenu Attorney Avichai Hajbi: “Today, the Magistrates Court carried out the decision handed down yesterday by the District Court. The court reiterated the clear ruling that there is no evidence in this case. The court also cited the injuries of the Oz Tzion residents who were on the scene. We are pleased that the court agreed with us and with the District Court, and we hope that Elisha and Yehiel will be released as soon as possible.”

Yehiel Indor’s serious head injury; Photo credit: Free use

Honenu Attorney Nati Rom: “I strongly hope that everyone will remember the judge’s courageous decision very well. The judge stated that the report with which the GSS attempted to keep the detainees in remand is insufficient. It is very saddening to see a seriously injured man who saved his own life and that of others in this situation. His parents and his family are not allowed to visit him in the hospital. We sincerely hope that anyone who wants to save lives in the event of an attack is not deterred, and we are pleased with the Magistrates Court’s decision today.”

Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar: “I welcome the court’s decision that does justice and returns to the narrative that we discussed on Sunday. This incident is first and foremost a terror attack by Arabs who injured Jews defending themselves. In the end, the court clearly ruled that the claim of self-defense still stands and that the level of reasonable suspicion of the crime of killing is low. The court spoke about the serious injury that the shooter himself suffered, which in and of itself strengthens the claim of self-defense. I am pleased to see that regarding the new reports and documents that they pull out of their sleeve, the court leveled extremely sharp criticism at the GSS, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Israel Police, who at the last moment, right before Yered’s release, presented new evidence. I think that this connection should bring about the end of this case. The investigation must end and the detainees must be unconditionally released.”

On Friday, August 4, shortly before the onset of Shabbat, near Oz Tzion in the Binyamin region, dozens of Arab rioters attacked a Jewish shepherd and local Jewish residents who came to his assistance. The incident began when the Jewish shepherd left Oz Tzion to graze his flock in the area between Oz Tzion and the nearby Arab town of Burqa. Several Arabs approached and threatened him. The shepherd, who felt that he was in danger, summoned other Oz Tzion residents who came to stay with him and prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Dozens of Arabs armed with clubs, fireworks, and large rocks surrounded the Oz Tzion residents. The Arabs launched fireworks directly at the residents and hurled the rocks at them from point-blank range, endangering their lives. The residents called the army and civilian security forces for help. One resident (Yehiel Indor) was hit in the head with a rock and seriously injured. With his remaining strength, he opened fire with his legally-owned personal weapon to defend his life. Several other residents were slightly injured. According to media reports, one of the Arab rioters was killed. Elisha Yered, who transported Indor to an ambulance, and Indor were detained.

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