Minor detained, banned from meeting with attorney, charges not presented

Thursday, November 26, 2015, 14:27 A Jewish minor being held under administrative house arrest was detained on Wednesday, November 25 on suspicion of violating the order and being involved with racially motivated assault. On Thursday, November 26 his remand was extended until Monday, November 30. As of this time the police investigators have refused to inform the detainee of the date of the supposed violation of the order and of the date of the supposed assault of someone, whose identity has also not been revealed. Due to this lack of information the detainee is unable to give an alibi or defend himself against the accusations.
Also on November 26 investigators from the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police informed Honenu Attorney Chai Haber that an order has been issued banning his client from meeting with an attorney for four days. The order was issued by the officer in charge of investigations in the GSS.
Haber severely criticized the conduct of the police and the GSS: “After he [the detainee] received legal counsel yesterday and was also allowed to meet with an attorney today, in a step which is not clear but seems to be a means of applying pressure in order to break his spirit, the officer in charge of investigation in the GSS, suddenly issued an order banning him from meeting with an attorney. This is a scandal. The State is depriving citizens of their rights. We will file an appeal on the decision and we hope that the court will put the police in their place.”
Haber added criticism of the conduct of the police who refused to present the accusations against the minor: “As part of the police policy of placing Jews in general and specifically minors under administrative detention, and despite the fact that for the past several months the police have visited the detainee over 100 times in order to verify that he is complying with the conditions of his house arrest, and found that he has not violated them, apparently out of desperation they decided to detain him yesterday. Unfortunately the police deprived the detainee of his rights by not presenting him with even the date on which they suspect that he violated the conditions of his house arrest, despite his fervent desire to supply an alibi against the claims.”
Honenu: “How can it be that after a minor already met with his attorney they issue a ban against him meeting with an attorney? We regard this conduct with severity and as being unusual even for the conduct of the Jewish Department of the GSS and the Department of Nationalist Crime in the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police.”

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