Minors detained near Temple Mount gates refused to post bail-UPDATE

‎Thursday, June 20, 2019, 17:30 After the additional deliberation the minors signed on bail and were released.
Three young women, all of them minors, were detained on Tuesday, June 18 as they “circled the gates” of the Temple Mount. The police claimed that the minors had disturbed them in the line of duty, and demanded that the conditions of their release be their being distanced for 30 days from the Old City of Jerusalem and their signing on bail.
The Jerusalem Youth Court Judge decided to release them on condition of distancing of 10 meters from the gates of the Temple Mount until the end of the month and 300 NIS bail. The minors refused to post bail and remained in remand. After the additional deliberation which was held today (Thursday) the minors signed on the bail that the judge had decided and were released.
Earlier today (Thursday) Honenu Attorney Moshe Poleski, who will represent the minors, stated that, “Despite the frequently repeated declarations by the police to the court that they will allow the young women to pray near the gates to the Temple Mount as long as there is not a special operation or large flow of worshipers, time after time the police have distanced them dozens of meters from the Temple Mount gates. After expressing their objections they have encountered severe police brutality.
“The court’s decision in fact repeated the decision of the district court, and distanced the minors only 10 meters from the gates of the Temple Mount. Nevertheless the minors expressed their objection to the conduct of the police and are remaining in remand due to their refusal to post the bail set by the court.”

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