Minors released from remand

Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 17:38 A minor detained on Monday, December 28 on suspicion of committing a nationalistically motivated property violation was interrogated by the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police and the GSS. The minor denied all charges and during interrogation retained his right to remain silent.
The Petah Tikva Magistrate Court ruled to extend his remand until Thursday, December 31. Honenu Attorney Aharon Roza filed an appeal on the decision and before a scheduled deliberation took place at the Lod District Court, the police announced that they would file a request to release the minor to house arrest, which the court granted. He was released from remand on Wednesday, December 30 to house arrest.
Honenu Attorney Avichai Hajbi, who represented the minor on Wednesday, December 30: “We have witnessed another case which began loudly and ended quietly. Apparently the Israeli Police have begun to detain minors for incidents which occurred almost two years previously and in the process trample their rights, all for the purpose of making headlines.”
Honenu Attorney Aharon Roza: “I welcome the decision by the police to release someone for whom, from the start, there was apparently no cause to detain.”
On the night of Saturday, December 26, after Shabbat, another minor was detained by detectives from the Central Unit of the Yehuda and Shomron Police and a GSS coordinator on suspicion of involvement in an altercation with Bedouins approximately 18 months ago. He denied all charges. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court accepted the opinion of Honenu Attorney David HaLevi and the minor was released on Tuesday, December 29. Also on the morning of Wednesday, December 30 an additional minor was detained and released later the same day.
On the night of Tuesday, December 29 one of the minors detained in the Kfar Duma case was released to house arrest and is no longer suspected of involvement with that case, but rather with an altercation with Bedouins which occurred almost two years ago. The youth asserts that his life was in danger during the altercation.
Honenu leveled strong criticism against the conduct of the Attorney General’s office and the police: “This is a scandal. After 29 days of severe interrogation by the GSS, sleep deprivation, and physical and emotional violence, it turned out that the only claim against the youth is involvement with an altercation with Bedouins almost two years ago! We hope that indeed an investigatory committee will be formed to examine the conduct of the GSS and the Israeli law enforcement authorities relevant to this case. How can the youth be compensated for the emotional damage caused to him?”

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