Mitzpeh Avichai: The police are arresting Jews but refusing to arrest rioting Arabs

Tuesday, March 22 16:50 The police will leave in remand overnight “A”, the resident of Mitzpeh Avichai (Hilltop 18) that was arrested this morning when Special Yassam Police and police detectives raided the hilltop.
“A” was interrogated on suspicion of participating in two altercations between Jews and Arabs that occurred this week near the hilltop.
The first altercation occurred last Shabbat. Two women were walking from Kiryat Arba towards Mitzpeh Avichai and were attacked by rock-throwing rioting Arab. In response several Jews arrived at the scene and threw rocks back at the rioters. Two Arabs were wounded during the rock throwing skirmish that broke out and an additional Arab was wounded after his car was pelted with rocks.
Yesterday during the Purim meal three Arabs came to the outskirts of the hilltop and attempted to ignite a field. Residents who were on the scene chased the Arabs and caused heavy damage to their vehicle. Arabs in the area apparently had set an ambush for the Jewish residents, because within a few moments tens of Arabs arrived and between the two sides a rock throwing skirmish developed.
Large numbers of police and soldiers arrived and took testimony, specifically from the Arabs.
After a few minutes one of the women who had been attacked arrived and identified one of the Arab attackers that had thrown rocks at her on Shabbat, speaking to Border Policemen. “We demanded that the police and the deputy battalion commander that was present arrest the attacker, however they jeered at us and said that only if we submit a complaint to the police will they consider it,” reported residents of Mitzpeh Avichai. “We replied to them that the attacker is standing next to them, however the officer from the Hebron police department by the name of Zion Goeli told us that only if we reveal to him who was involved with the rock throwing skirmish with the Arabs will he arrest the Arabs attacker.”
This morning, as stated previously, large numbers of police raided the hilltop and arrested “A”, one of the youths residing on the hilltop. “A” gave an alibi according to which he was in the center of the country at a Sheva Brachot celebration for a relative on Shabbat. The police announced that “A” will remain in remand for the night and tomorrow they will consider whether or not to demand an extension of his remand.
Residents of Mitzpeh Avichai responded to the arrest: “At a time when Jews are murdered and the safety of Jews is weakened, the security forces are investing the majority of their strength and energy in persecuting settlers and those who love the Land of Israel. We’re not in despair; as is written, ‘the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and spread out’. Neither the army nor the Arab terrorists will discourage us from continuing to live in all parts of the Land of Israel. We regret that the army and the police have chosen to join the side of the Arab enemy.”

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