Ofakim detainee released to house arrest

Tuesday, September 27 22:29 The Be’er Sheva District Court released today to house arrest until the end of proceedings one of the two Ofakim residents arrested on suspicion of an arson attempt on the house of an Arab residing in Ofakim.
The court ordered that his release be on condition of complete house arrest outside of Ofakim and subject to a three thousand shekel bond.
The court ordered that the second detainee in the case remain in remand until a complete expert opinion is submitted by the probation service. Honenu attorneys Adi Kedar and Erez Shalev represented the two detainees in the deliberation that took place today.
The two are suspected of approximately six weeks ago throwing a fire bomb at the house of an Arab collaborator with the GSS who was housed in the city. Slight damage was caused to the house.
Residents of Ofakim say that the city has a serious problem with assimilation and Jewish girls being harassed by Arabs, including by the family of the Arab whose house was damaged.

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