Ofer Gamliel scheduled to be released

Wednesday, February 6, 15:03 The Israeli Prison Service parole board decided that Ofer Gamliel, a member of the Bat Ayin Underground who has been serving a 15 year prison sentence since 2002, will be released after his prison sentence was reduced by a third for good behavior.
Honenu would like to remind readers that when terrorists were released in the Shalit Deal the families of Jewish prisoners were assured by Justice Minister Ya’akov Ne’aman that also Jewish prisoners would be released. The assurance has not yet been fulfilled.
In the previous parole board meeting on May 15, 2012 on the subject of Ofer Gamliel’s sentence the board rejected the request of an early release due to the objection of the GSS, even though the GSS had promised then Chief Rabbi of the IDF Rabbi Avichai Ronski, who had been in close contact with Gamliel and his family, that they would not object to his release. The head of the GSS followed the advice of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and at the last moment opposed the release.
Despite their rejection of the request, the board criticized the GSS for their objection.
Two other members of the Bat Ayin Underground, Yarden Morag and Shahar Dvir, have already been released from their prison sentences.
Honenu welcomes the decision and contrasts the objection of the Attorney General’s office to Gamliel’s release with the Shalit Deal, “When thousands of terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands, murderers of men, women and children, were released no-one from the Attorney General’s office voiced an objection.”
An order was issued to delay carrying out the decision, on which the district court will rule in approximately one week.

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