One arrest after conflict with Bedouins near Mitzpe Eshtemoa

Wednesday, June 29 11:28 During the morning Bedouins approached the community of Mitzpe Eshtemoa in the Har Hevron region. A group of residents went out in their direction and a rock throwing skirmish developed between the two sides. Afterwards a Transit van full of Arabs arrived. During the conflict the tires of the Transit were punctured.
Soldiers who arrived on the scene tried unsuccessfully to arrest the group of Jews.
Later soldiers accompanied by police officers arrived at Yeshivat Mitzpe Eshtemoa and searched from room to room and class to class for students who, according to their claims, participated in the conflict. The soldiers indicated a student who was in his dorm room at the yeshiva and delayed him for investigation at the Hevron police station.

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